Moonio, a social marketplace for influencers

A complete product design process, from scratch to market validation, for a social marketplace of influencer marketing.


Moonio is a social marketplace that connects influencers and brands to make promotional agreements. The relations in Moonio are based on the publication of a product in the marketplace, that is offered to influencers in exchange of their social promotion.

Moonio is a spin-off of Heepsy, an influencer marketing tool. This and other similar products focus the relationship between influencers and brands on search, analytics and a tracking system. But we realized that the relations that must be built to generate real brand prescriptors need a social component and organic attraction.

Figure 1. Moonio is a live marketplace with hundreds of active opportunities


Identification of needs

We identified four relevant segments of users with different needs:

  • Small influencers. Willing to get contacts with brands that match their interests.
  • Big influencers.Willing to generate long-lasting relationships as brand ambassador.
  • Small brands.Willing to find influencers to get promoted.
  • Big brands.Willing to process the many proposals that were arriving to their social channels.
Figure 2. User personas
Information architecture

The key component in this product was to generate a matching system for brands and influencers. Brands are only interested in influencers that match with their activity and values, so it was crucial to generate a tagging system that connected the bussiness activities with the different topics covered by influencers.

The first step was to generate a bunch of tags describing the influencers on Instagram. We got this information by crawling thousands of profiles and selecting the most repeated words. These words were grouped into families and we get more than 200 keywords.

Then we used the words in a card sorting process with 20 users. The purpose for this card sorting was to get the semantic proximity between different terms -valued as a cross-index- and the labels used to group the tags.

With this information we built the first version of the information tree, that was tested through 3 iterations of tree testing (6 users per iteration), until we reached a global findability of 84%.

This process was repeated with the brand activities and established a connection system between both trees. Every branch of each tree had one or multiple correspondances with the other, generating the base for a matching system.

Figure 3. CLICK ON THE FOLDERS!! This is an interactive tool for tree testing, displaying an intermediate version of the IA

The Minimum Viable Product

In general terms, the platform consisted of two connected elements:

  • A marketplace. Where brands published their products as opportunities for influencers.
  • A social network. Where brands and influencers can make agreements, follow up their collaborations and establish a relationship.

We decided to focus all the value proposition in brands. After some interviews we discovered that the influencers would come to the platform just for the possibility of making deals with cool companies. So we needed to attract brands and the rest would work by itself.

The functionality offered was then a marketplace that categorized the inbox of proposals in three categories: Spam (profiles with suspicious metrics), Good Fit (profiles that matched the categorization and parameters of the brand) and Unclassified.

The inital prototype was iterated many times, making usability testing and continuous delivery to production with a small set of users (6 brands and 50 influencers). Just one month after this soft release, we launched the true MVP pilot in Spain.

Figure 4. Interactive Mockup of Moonio MVP


The pilot was a success. In one month we reached 200 active brands and more than two thousand influencers just in Spain With no investment on paid marketing, just by cold door invitations and the word of mouth. Our main KPI, the number of closed deals per week, was increasing constantly (>1,000) and prominent digital brands, such as Instax, Lookiero or Colvin, were adopting Moonio as their main platform for managing influencer marketing campaigns.

With such amazing results the following step was, of course, internationalizate the platform. But this is another story...

Date June, 2021
Type Social marketplace, Product design


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