Have fun mixing colors with Palette, the mobile game that trains your color perception. Will you be able to overcome its 15 levels?

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We specialize in the development of serious games using html5.

We develop videogames that fit all types of devices and screens, without any kind of installation, plugin or download.

Our unique system of analysis and communication needs assessment allows us to apply the most appropiate game mechanics for each project.


DodoFrames are our interactive animations with educational content.

HTML5 animations that deal with issues of social or educational interest. Thanks to its technology base can be used in all types of mobile devices, without installation or external plug-ins .

As all other contents in this website, DodoFrames are published under a Creative Commons license, which allows them to be inserted into any website or blog for free.


Card games are the perfect system to combine physical and digital dimensions of gaming

Card printing allows us to introduce a tangible physical dimension to educational game systems. Thanks to the use of codes is possible to link each card with a digital content, which may be disclosed with any mobile device.

The possibility of splitting the game into several packages allows us to add dynamics based on the interrelation between users, and the accumulation and collection of items.


Digital notebooks are the best way to boost workshops and educational activities

Shaped like a virtual book, these web applications can integrate all kinds of features:

lapiztick Export notes in PDF format.

lapiztick Evaluation tests.

lapiztick Game and Quizz modules.

lapiztick Closed social networks.

lapiztick Gamification.

Digital books are developed in WordPress, the most used CMS in the world, which allow customers to manage and update the resource autonomously.

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