Customized videogames

We transform any educational content into a game system, achieving the best results in terms of user assimilation and proactivity. Playing is the natural tool for learning and adaptation, so it becomes a resource of high didactic power.

We develop serious games and digital content gamification, either by developing platforms made to measure or through our free educational channels.


We employ the technologies that best suit each project

Our educational resources meet the HTML5 standard, an open technology that can be played in all kind of mobile devices. We believe in the free dissemination of culture, so we usually publish our projects under a free Creative Commons license.

We also create fully customized developments based on WordPress, the most widespread Content Manager System in the world. But we don’t work only with digital formats. We also produce physical games, either card or board, fully integrated with the on-line resources.


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We turn communication into education, and education into game

Create fully customized course content, or promote positive classroom dynamics using mobile phones.

Put new energy into the visit of your collections through virtual games, or use the potential of the best digital platforms to complement your educational workshops.

Launch your social campaign, invigorate a space or event, or disseminate culture and values ​​through a game made to measure.

Turn your activity into information, and communicate it to your customers in a different way, or revolutionize the way you relate to them.


We have developed educational games for …


What the media says about Flying Dodos

Nowadays, in Flying Dodos you can learn, for example, how the Crash of 1929 influenced in the birth of Superman thanks to a campaign for a comic book store, which is the theory of evolution watching a video created for the National Museum Of Natural Science or what to do to be an entrepreneur with a game commissioned by Zitek.

Diario El Correo, March 15th, 2015

But what exactly is fracking? I invite you to discover it with “Let’s Frack”, an interactive animation by Flying Dodos developed in collaboration with Ecologists in Action. With this animation you can experiment with the different stages of fracking. Fortunately only virtually., January 17th, 2014

Flying Dodos has its technical base in the DodoFrames, a series of interactive animations designed in a very affordable format, whose speech sits on topics related to responsible consumption, education or ecology.

Diario Gara, December 7th, 2013

Today is the launch day of Flying Dodos, a project that will blow the network by combining games and education. The backbone of the Flying Dodos are the DodoFrames, interactive animations developed in HTML5 that contain information about topics such as ecology, responsible consumption, culture, education, critical thinking, and more.

Blog Gametokia, October 31st, 2013

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